3 Tips to Get Your First Property Rental in Vietnam Done Right

When in any country, you want to live just like the locals do to make things easier on yourself and to fully experience what the country has to offer. However, before everything else, you need to be able to cover the basics in securing your future life.

The first thing you should be looking for is a suitable place where you can stay, either for the short term (if you plan on moving to another unit) or the long term (if you plan on staying in that unit indefinitely).

To get your hands on your very first property rental the right way, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind:

1. Start budgeting beforehand.

The relatively low cost of living may be what makes HCMC attractive, but you’ll still find that a lot of things can be easily expensive if you don’t watch how much you’re spending.

While your first big challenge will be getting a visa, an even bigger challenge is to manage your finances efficiently. Before you are able to find a good apartment, you want to make sure you have a bank account and enough savings to cover all your living costs. If you plan on securing a work in the country, determine how much your paycheck can afford in terms of paying your rental. Will the best apartment to rent here in Vietnam be ideal for your lifestyle? Will you have enough resources for your residential lease and everyday expenses?

Furthermore, you will also need to keep all kinds of costs and fees in mind, from moving expenses (transportation, luggage and/or shipping) to living expenses (daily commute, groceries, etc.), to your insurance (health, car) and your work and lifestyle changes.

2. Take the time to know the different districts in HCMC.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is to know which district you would find that one Saigon apartment rental in.

And because every district has a different layout with different institutions, you want to make sure you have a place that’s near your work and everything you need is easily accessible.

These are the most popular districts to rent condo units or to rent apartment in Saigon for both expats and tourists alike:

• District 2 (D2) – This is often referred to as neighborhoods for wealthy locals and expats in Vietnam, and you’ll be surprised to find that it’s actually relatively quiet and easy to cross by bicycle.

For expats, this district is especially popular because of the short commute to District 1 (about fifteen to twenty minutes) and its close proximity to all kinds of international institutions, such as the British International School, the Australian International School, and even Ho Chi Minh International School.

This district is also where most villa rental options are readily available, and if you’re looking for a more luxurious stay with your own walls, yard, or even a swimming pool, this is easily the best place to rent a house.

If you find a villa rental to be a little too pricey for your tastes, you can also just as easily find a more modest apartment rental in D2.

• District 3 (D3) – This district sits right next to District 1 in terms of being popular tourist attractions for sight-seeing, such as the Notre Dame Church and the different government buildings ranging from the Central Post Office to the Ho Chi Minh City People Committee.

Because of this, it would make sense that you’ll also find a lot of short-term apartment and condo rentals here.

You can also avail of a villa rental in this district, but most options for a villa here are narrower and have multiple floors, unlike units in other, more spacious districts that have a yard and a surrounding terrace.

However, the upside is that prices in District 3 tend to be cheaper than those in District 1, which means that you can rent a place in D3 like a villa and be close to the hustle and bustle of HCMC.

• District 7 (D7) – This district is about thirty to forty minutes away from District 1, and was designed to have wide roads lined by trees and towering apartment buildings, which makes it a great place to rent a house or an apartment to get away from the noise of the more urban, downtown areas and raising your kids with enough room to roam around and play.

A stay at D7 is also the best choice for you if you plan on investing in one of the more expensive condo units currently in development.

Another option just nearby D7 is District 4. A long term stay at Gold View is also a great option especially if you’re planning to find a job or go to one of the many international schools in D7. Permanent residency in the district is a viable option with it’s many choices for accommodation for any range of budget.

3. Find a property agent.

If you wish to live in Vinhomes Golden River apartment in District 1 or find an affordable property in neighboring districts, you can certainly find one on your own. But if you want to make sure that all your grounds are covered when looking for a new dwelling place in HCMC, seek professional assistance from a property agent.

With these real estate experts, all you need to do is choose among the selection of properties that best suits your needs for the duration of your stay.

Even though it seems expensive at first, hiring an agent is definitely worth it since the details of having to rent apartment in Saigon are taken care of, and you don’t have to be the one doing the heavy lifting yourself. You will find a property agent especially useful if you find that you don’t have the time to spare for the processes needed to rent apartment at HCMC.

There’s a lot that you need to do if you want to move to make a fresh start, but with thorough planning, you can make the right calls and get the best results for your decisions.